CHOICE: Should I Stay In Singapore

A platform showcasing two polarising views on issues, *SCAPEpersonaldiscovery presents a series of interactive conversations featuring viewpoints of the youth.

Is there still opportunity in Singapore?

Is there a place for me, my desired lifestyle and my aspirations in this country?

Is there a brighter future waiting for me beyond these shores?

Singapore is facing the challenge of retaining her talent in a world full of equally exciting, bustling cities that beckon her people to leave. Some young Singaporeans choose to stay, believing that this is where their heart is and that they are a vital part of the city’s success. Other young Singaporeans feel they have a brighter future beyond these shores and more possibilities to live outside of the box they believe this country puts them in.

This conversation will feature 2 speakers who will present their polarising views on this issue and their solutions on how young Singaporeans can approach the personal decision to stay or go.


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Wed Jan 6, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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